Everything You Need To Know About Being An Introvert

Quick Navigation You May Be an Introvert If…Ways Introverts Interact With Their EnvironmentThe Reason You’re an Introvert is in Your BrainSurprising Facts about IntrovertsCommunication Struggles That Only Introverts Have You May Be an Introvert If… Not sure if you are an introvert or just shy? The two can go hand in hand, but they don’t […]

11 Superfoods To Add To Your Smoothie

Quick Navigation IntroductionBlueberriesBonus Smoothie Health Tip Introduction Smoothies are a refreshing way to get some really good nutrients, vitamins and minerals into your body. Also, since there is no one true definition for smoothies, you can make them however you like. Some people add milk or other dairy products, while others use ice and water. […]

15 Foods To Eat Before & After Workouts

Table of Contents IntroductionBefore Working OutSmoothiesGreek yogurt and trail mixWhole wheat toast topped with peanut butter and sliced bananasPeanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain breadOatmeal with fresh fruit and walnutsApple wedges and almond butterFruit salad on quinoa with sliced avocadoMulti-grain crackers with hummusWhich is right for you?After Working OutProtein shakeGrilled chicken and mix […]

How To Prepare For Shortages

Table of Contents How to Prepare for an Electricity ShortageHave alternative light sourcesKeeping tech chargedKeeping food from spoilingKeep your car fueledGetting a generatorFinding a sourceHow to Prepare for a Fuel ShortageDisputes between fuel providers and their suppliers or employeesUse less fuelHave a low-fuel or fuel-free transport alternativeKeep a stockpile of fuelAlways keep your tanks fullHave […]