Eliminating The Unnecessary

A 2018 survey by Pew Research Center shows that 60% of US adults felt they were often too busy to enjoy life. One out of eight said they felt this way all of the time. Another Pew Research study showed that just over half of Americans (52% to be precise) usually try to work on two or more things simultaneously.

College graduates often enter their working lives saddled with a lot of student loan debt. This is one of a few reasons 65% of students who graduate college said they find balancing their family/social lives and job responsibilities to be difficult.

A Gallup poll published in February 2022 tells us that 62% of Americans are unsatisfied with their lives. This is far from a US-only problem. Folks in the United Kingdom are not that rosy about their life pictures either. For the first time ever since the Office for National Statistics began tracking feelings of well-being in the UK, “Both life satisfaction and the feeling that things done in life are worthwhile have declined significantly.” (2020)

What’s the problem? Why do so many of us feel unfulfilled? It’s not that we aren’t busy. You’re probably like most of us. You have a hectic and constantly moving life.

You’re always in motion, but are some of those motions (or most) unnecessary? Could you make some simple changes in your life so you have more time to do the important things and spend less on unnecessary activities?

This is important because a poll commissioned by H&R Block shows that the average American reported only having about 26 minutes of free time every week! That has led one in five workers to disregard their noncareer-based goals and objectives.

They’ve simply given up on the idea that they can pursue and achieve important things that are not work-related.

In our waking hours, we spend lots of time staring at monitors and displays. We are tethered to our smartphones and televisions. While enjoying the latest reality show or checking in on Facebook, we are continuously bombarded by marketing messages. Our attention is stretched so thin that even if we believe we’re engaging in an activity we enjoy, we end up stressed out and feeling like we haven’t accomplished anything worthwhile.

We end up doing things we “have to do” rather than “want to do.”

What if there was an answer? Imagine that you could start today focusing most of your time and attention on the most essential parts of your life. You stop spending as much time on the unnecessary and start investing valuable time on necessary tasks and important goals.

You eliminate the unnecessary, and in doing so, you experience less stress and more happiness and peace of mind. You’re not freaking out all of the time, running around like a chicken with your head cut off because you aren’t filling your day with unnecessary actions.

The payoff is more free time to chase down your dreams and live according to your values. That’s what this report will help you do.

You will learn to identify the unnecessary and necessary components of your daily activities. Delegating mundane tasks can free up a lot of time, and we’ll show you how to do that. We all have important tasks that must be accomplished but that we really don’t like tackling. There are some creative ways to start eliminating those unenjoyable activities.

We’ll share with you the importance of eliminating physical clutter and how to cut back on expenses that you don’t really need to be incurring. Finally, you’ll look at the important relationships in your life. Who are you spending the most time with? Ask yourself some hard questions, and you might find that you’re engaging in less-than-healthy relationships that don’t deserve much of your time.

Let’s get started by giving you more time to focus on the essential parts of your life by defining what it means to eliminate the unnecessary.